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Author & Medical Qigong Master

Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker & Workshop Presenter 

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About David

Hello, my name is David J Coon. I am an Author, Medical Qigong Master, Medical Intuitive, Healer, and a Metaphysical Life Coach. I have been involved in the mind, body spirit movement for over forty years.

I am also a Qigong Instructor and Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor with over forty years of experience! 

I started at 15 years old with a severe degenerative spinal disease that the doctors said would cripple me by the time I was thirty years old. Aside from the physical challenges I was experiencing, I was wrestling with emotional trauma and the challenges of healing myself due to dysfunctional family dynamics related to alcoholism and what the Buddhist teachers might call human suffering.

I went on a search that led me to many forms of alternative healing, including Qigong, Acupuncture, Herbs, Energy Work, Martial Arts, Yogic breathing practices, and Chiropractic. I studied with the best masters, teachers, and gurus I could find and immersed myself in their philosophies and training methods for many years. During this process, I had a series of very powerful, life-changing energetic experiences.

These experiences healed my spinal disease and changed my perception of life. I would never see life, people, or situations in the same way.

I also studied traditional western Psychology at The University of Connecticut and, after receiving my Psychology degree, became a supervisor and mental health counselor within a locked Psych hospital in Colorado and an Emergency Medical Technician.

I became part of a treatment team of doctors, nurses, and mental health workers, all looking to influence the lives of at-risk youth positively. I began studying molecular and cellular biology at CU Boulder for Pre- Med to enter medical school. I incorporated healing work in these environments. I also had a separate private practice.

Paralleling my traditional path of study, I was even more involved in studying Qigong, Medical Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Martial Arts. As I got closer to the possibility of medical school, my private practice in Boulder, Colorado, increased. I began seeing people with mental, emotional, and physical health challenges. I was having tremendous success in helping these people, many of whom had been told they were beyond help. 

At about 33 years old, I dropped out of my traditional job and went into private practice full time. This change allowed me to further my alternative studies for the next twenty years. I am now a Continuing Education Provider for the National and State Acupuncture Boards. My private clientele consists primarily of successful, educated teachers, doctors, professors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, professional psychics and energy healers, yoga teachers, licensed therapists, deans of major universities, experienced pilots, moms and their daughters, and more.

About David’s Work
My work is very integrative. I combine many different approaches. I am intuitive and sense what is happening within a person’s consciousness, emotions, and body. I then share what I sense in a gentle and subtle way.

I work with my clients to change and heal old thoughts, beliefs, memories, etc., through mental, emotional, energetic, and physical methods. Again, one size does not fit all. Some people will engage with me in alternative counseling, coaching, or mentoring sessions. Others will engage with me in energetic healing exchanges, and some may learn physical disciplines from me like Qigong, Meditation, and Martial Arts.

Private Mentoring and Energy Healing Session 

Private Session: 90 Minutes - $500

This private mentoring and energy healing session is 90 minutes, not 55 minutes like traditional therapy sessions. This extra time allows us to have the opportunity to help you to unwind and to create enough momentum to make lasting change. In this type of session, I will be holding a deep, non- judgmental space, meditative space for past pain, stuck emotions, challenging beliefs etc. to rise to the surface. In some cases, we will help them simply move on through and in other cases we will take the opportunity to re-evaluate and reprogram them. These sessions are for people who have done much work on themselves but have not yet been able to create lasting change in the health of their bodies, their relationships, careers etc.

Available by Zoom or Phone. You may also request an in-person healing session which would be held in Wilmington, NC. 

Half-Day and Full-Day Private Healing Retreats 
Available In-Person and Online

Half-Day: $2500

Full-Day: $5000

Two Full Days: $12,000

These longer private healing engagements allow for more profound healing to occur due to the momentum of the work and our extended time together. They also provide the client with the privilege of experiencing transformational healing without being lost in the numbers of a larger workshop setting.

These private healing experiences are 100% professional, and they are also completely confidential. 

Private Retreats are held in person in Wilmington, NC, near Wrightsville Beach.

Fees do not include travel, food, or lodging. Each private retreat is different depending on the needs of the client.

All sessions will include intuitive coaching and mentoring, as well as energetic healing work.

Some sessions will include private Qigong Instruction, Specific Meditation training, Martial Arts, or Fitness Training.

The client decides what their goals are and what healing methods they are most interested in, and we work from that approach.

Over the last forty years, I have helped so many people transform themselves, their minds, their bodies, their relationships, and their lively hoods.

If you are interested in being a client, please send your request to qigongawareness@gmail.com, and myself or my wife Tanya Mei Tai Coon, President of Qigong Awareness LLC will get back to you as soon as possible. 

For More information about David, his life's work, information regarding his book and other teachings, for testimonials from students and private clients, please visit his primary website: