Meet David J. Coon

David is an author and expert in the fields of Medical Qigong, Martial Arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. David also has a background in Eastern and Western Psychology, Molecular, Cellular Biology and more. David has taught many workshops around the country. He is currently offering his healing services to motivated individuals looking to heal, and transform themselves mentally, emotionally and physically revealing their truest nature.  

Meet with David online or come visit the Hollywood of The East: Wrightsville Beach, NC and the forests of Eastern North Carolina in Wilmington, NC where David will offer you a personalized private retreat, your own one on one healing workshop!

  • Remote Private Healing Sessions: Medical Qigong, Medical Intuition
  • Private Personalized Healing Retreats 
  • Personalized Mentoring 
  • Private Qigong Training 
  • Private Meditation Training
  • Private Fitness and Martial Arts Training 
  • Life, Health and Business Coaching 
  • Many Group Offerings available through Qigong Awareness LLC 

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"In my experience it is quite unusual for a "healer" of any kind to not only always set the highest standards for their work but to insist that they personally continuously reach for a level of attainment that is ever higher than before. David has always studied healing, consciousness and the nature of reality with outstanding diligence. Thus, he has come to know a great many things about the physical and energetic worlds, both within this universe and within each of us. So if you are seeking someone who is highly trained and will always give you the very best that they have to offer then David is one of the very best souls you could ever work with."

Paul Solari, MA, LPC

Boulder, CO 

December 9th, 2019  


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David J Coon 

Author & Medical Qigong Master

Life Coach, Martial Arts Instructor, Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker & Workshop Presenter 

David is currently accepting requests for private healing and training sessions. For more information contact us at:

Work Directly with the Master 

Interested in some In-depth private healing, training, and transformation? David has worked with individuals and groups facilitating healing and transformation for many people around the world for the last forty years. This is an amazing opportunity to work directly with the master himself.  


Private Zoom Consultation and Remote Healing:

$500 for 90 Min. Session

Private Healing Retreat - Half Day 


Private Healing Retreat - Full Day 


Private Healing Retreats are held in Wilmington, NC (the Hollywood of the East!). In Wilmington, NC we have the Beautiful Wrightsville Beach!

Come visit, make a weekend out of it! Suggestions will be made for food, travel and lodging (not included in the price*).